I need a team and I declare that. I need the team for Training. I depend on it, on its objective atmosphere which consists of multiple subjective atmospheres. There is always a mood inside this team, the mood of a stone or rain, feminine, masculine or animal, but — nevertheless — divine like Bach's F minor prelude, like Brodsky or Dante works, like Van Gogh or Leonardo masterpieces.


Training is ardour raised to creativity. There are no limits or boundaries. All the laws here depend on desires. It's an endless source for inspiration to draw. At the beginning Training looks like a bunch of keys and you don't know which one to use, but later it becomes a real tiptop weapon.


Training is based on the principle of psychophysical parallelism, which means that the mental is reflected in the physical and vice versa.

I train not so much professional skills but human body as a whole to reach a new psychophysical state, new perception, new reactions and unusual emotional response to any situation.